The Zeigers: Tagg’s Sex & Relationship Experts

Stacey Williams-Zeiger and Dr. Robyn Zeiger have been writing sex & relationship articles for Tagg Magazine for seven years. In addition to being two of Tagg’s longest-running contributors, Stacey is the owner and principal broker of Zeiger Realty Inc. and Robyn [...]

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Preparing to Buy Your First Home: 8 Tips for LGBTQ Millenials

For many potential home buyers, especially those of you who fall into the millennial demographic, entering the world of home ownership might seem like an unobtainable dream. With many of you being strapped with enormous [...]

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When Nutritional Values Collide: Navigating Multivore Love Relationships

Opposites often do attract. In many instances, those differences can actually enhance a relationship. But when huge differences that involve values or morals arise, compromise and negotiation techniques can be tested in major ways. Some [...]

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Visiting the Family: Relationship Tips for Avoiding Holiday Drama

With the holidays upon us, many couples will be planning the often complicated and stressful production of visiting the parents and siblings—not to mention aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and neighbors. You might be one of [...]

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