Stacey Williams-Zeiger and Dr. Robyn Zeiger have been writing sex & relationship articles for Tagg Magazine for seven years. In addition to
being two of Tagg’s longest-running contributors, Stacey is the owner and principal broker of Zeiger Realty Inc. and Robyn has been a psychotherapist in the D.C. metropolitan area for 45 years. They’ve also been honored as past Tagg Enterprising Women. The pair find joy in traveling and spending time with their dogs.

We followed up with the Zeigers to talk about their articles, tips for readers, and their secret to a lasting and loving relationship.


What’s your favorite article you wrote for Tagg? And why?

It’s difficult to choose one article that is our favorite, but if we must select one, it would be “Relationship Red Flags.” We tried to give advice and practical tips in this one —specifically, ways to avoid getting into trouble and out of denial in relationships that could potentially be problematic. In fact, we received (and still receive) comments from folks regarding this article and how it resonated with them. Robyn often suggests that clients who are in new relationships read it to be on the lookout for drama.


What was the hardest article for you to write? And why?

The toughest topic was probably, “Visiting the Family: Relationship Tips for Avoiding Holiday Drama.” We both agree that it brought up sadness when thinking about so many LGBTQ folks who still experience pain and loneliness during the holidays. We hoped that our written contribution would help make the holidays more tolerable and even fun!


Is there anything you learned about yourself (or relationship) while writing articles for Tagg?

We both realized just how well we tend to work together and that we truly are a team. Our collaborative efforts seemed to pay off. This was our first attempt at writing together. Stacey was more of the “ideas person” and Robyn put everything together and (hopefully) made the articles coherent.


Robyn, what are your favorite qualities about Stacey?

I cannot choose only one of Stacey’s qualities—there are way too many—but ranking high on the list would be her unwavering loyalty, commitment, motivation, and great sense of humor. She makes me laugh everyday.


Stacey, what are your favorite qualities about Robyn?

My favorite quality about Robyn is her kind heart. When people say, “be kind,” they are talking about the way Robyn lives her life. She does not have to be kind, she personifies kind.


In one sentence, what advice would you give a couple looking to move in together?

Talk about your specific goals for the relationship, especially including the hard stuff like money, sex, parents, pets, children, exes, friends, and whatever else you generally avoid discussing.


In your opinion, what’s the key to a successful long-term relationship?

It’s so important to understand that conflict is essential in relationships, but once you learn how to communicate in a respectful, loving manner, you will work through it and move your relationship to the next level. You’ll understand over time that a “successful” relationship is not about the number of years that you’re together, but the quality of those years. No one is perfect, and in a healthy relationship, forgiveness is key.

What are your future plans? What’s next?

A Zeiger book is in the making. In addition, Stacey will continue growing Zeiger Realty Inc and Robyn has no plans to ever retire from being a therapist. We hope to stay healthy, travel as much as possible, and help our community in as many ways as we can.