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Promoting Equal Rights for Real Estate Transactions

Tyler Lynn Pollon started investing in real estate in 1992, while working full-time as an international transportation broker.

During the past 25 years she has bought and sold over 30 homes.  This year, She is dedicating her livelihood to assist others with their real estate needs as a full time licensed Realtor. 

Tyler spent her early years deeply confused, frightened, and ashamed of who she was, but as an adult, resolved to never compromise her sexual identity in professional life, even when it was not accepted, popular, or even legal to identify as gay. 

She bring this commitment, as well as an action based work ethic and years of customer service experience to the LGBT community.  Tyler's passion lies with restoring homes, and helping others buy or sell the home of their choice. She is excited and proud to affiliate with Zeiger Realty Inc, a brokerage rooted in equality and diversity.

Tyler is proud to be one-half of one of those happily married same sex couples, with 2 rescue dogs, a place in Rehoboth, and comfortable shoes.

Tyler Lynn Pollon


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We do more than buy and sell houses, we are committed to building a welcoming community. 

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